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Elderly couple flew to the tram road by commercial vehicle: after the tram in Konya, the old couple in the light commercial vehicle drifted on the rails were injured. After hitting the iron railings, the old woman trapped in the vehicle lying on her side was barely removed from the floor.

The accident occurred on the central Seljuk district Nalcaci Street. According to information obtained, Ibrahim Kucukdaşçı (63) led by the 42 DCS 57 plate light commercial vehicle, the driver lost control of the steering wheel as a result of losing control. After passing the sidewalk over the tram track, the car drifted meters on the rails, the iron railings hitting the side was overturned. After the accident, the old couple stuck in the vehicle, the driver's arm was cut, was removed from the vehicle by the surrounding citizens. Remziye Küçükdaşçı (62), the driver of the driver who was trapped inside the vehicle, was not taken out and the fire department was informed.


The first intervention to the injured couple was made by two women who saw the accident and ran from their homes. The injured driver, who applied a bumper to his arm, cut on the pavement, asked about the situation of his wife, who forgot his pain and got stuck in the vehicle. The injured driver, whose mind was always with his wife, was taken to the ambulance dispatched to the scene. Citizens and paramedics tried to comfort the injured driver, who said, “Take me to the same hospital as my wife” while he was on the ambulance, saying that his wife was in good condition. The injured woman stuck in the vehicle was removed from the luggage compartment from where she was before the fire brigade, with the efforts of citizens and health workers. The old woman, who was transferred to the ambulance after being taken on a stretcher, was taken to different hospitals with her husband. It was learned that the injured driver, whose arm was cut, had previously been platinum on his arm where he was injured. The injured couple under treatment were reported to have good health.

Ersan Iyichiskankan, who witnessed the accident and helped with vehicle recovery, said, “The vehicle was arriving very quickly. Probably he was unable to achieve driver control. He began to roll over by hitting the left-hand lanes. Drifting from here, an accident occurred. The aunt in the car was seriously stuck. Maybe she is not feeling anything from shock right now. Uncle had injuries and disintegration in his arm, ”he said.

Due to the accident a long time could not be made tram tours. By removing the vehicle on the rails with the help of the tow truck, the tram services started again.

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