Member of Parliament from Ağbaba Visit to Demiryol-iş Union

Member of Parliament from Ağbaba Visit to Demiryol-iş Trade Union: Republican People's Party Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba said, aba The arrival of a high-speed train to Malatya will affect Elazığ and affect Adıyaman.-

Deputy Ağbaba, along with his accompanying parties, Türk-İş Malatya Representative and Demiryol-İş Union Regional President Nurettin Öndeş'i visited.

In the visit, Öndeş thanked Ağbaba for his visit and said, teşekkür Although Malatya is a metropolitan city, its political mission is changing. Both the government and the opposition give importance to civil society organizations. My desire and wish is that this importance and this sensitivity continue. If service to Malatya today, some issues in our country should be given importance to civil society organizations, 'he said.

Stating that they want the high-speed train to Malatya, Ağbaba said, edik I am the deputy of the opposition party. I have to say that the ruling party should hear and come to the agenda. Malatya is being wronged on the high-speed train. In Malatya, the courthouses were closed. 144 one courthouse was closed in Turkey. The 44 of this was reopened. Courts in Malatya did not open. In addition to the small number of us in Erzincan, the population is small and the number of files, although closed, reopened closed court. Why? Unfortunately, the Minister of Erzincan was stronger in this regard. We live the same thing on the railroad. There is a high-speed train service between Sivas and Erzincan. The Minister of Transport says it will be 2,5 hours between Erzincan and Ankara. Looks a little unfair when you look. You cannot compare Erzincan and Malatya. You cannot compare Malatya and Erzincan with both population and location. Malatya is a gateway to the east of the east. That means a quick sweat to Malatya. It will affect Elazığ and will affect Adıyaman. We have to bring this up frequently and demand it. This is our right. We have a wagon repair factory here. A lot of investments were made but in Malatya our facility was not made ready. Now the high-speed train to Malatya, no one is not a donation for us, it is our right. If you're in Erzincan, you're sorry if you're doing it in Sivas, Malatya is a city that deserves more than anyone. Malatya deserves it with its location ”he said.

Nurettin Öndeş, the head of the railroad-trade union Malatya region, said, Anadolu Our opinion is that the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia is opened to Central Anatolia, the Central Anatolia, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea to the other side. On our way to Ankara, we do not believe personally that Malatya will contribute economically to the region economically. Ankara-Kayseri fast terin project is currently on the agenda. This project is kept secret due to the fact that our President is Kayseri. A new route should be made for the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region on arrival to Malatya via Kayseri. Even if the high speed train project is brought to Malatya, the new line will be made. The new train line, which will be built for the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region via Kayseri from Kayseri, will be of great benefit. Viaduct was built in Beylerderesi. But I think it was not enough. A viaduct should be built in the railways in the Beylerdera. Içinde

. The transfer of a new route from Kayseri to Malatya is very important in terms of opening the entire Eastern Anatolia Region to the West. This should be considered due to the fact that the rapid terin line will be made new. We will bring this issue up. Bu

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