Pay attention to it when riding the metrobus

Pay attention to this when riding the metrobus: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not inform the public about the gradual price application for Metrobust.
According to the stops, the graded price is paid at Metrobüs. Passenger 2.95-1 gets a refund of 3 lira between the stall. However, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is not aware of such an opportunity because it does not inform the passengers about the devices they put on the stands for a refund and does not write any warning about the devices.

800 is using a thousand people

10 only uses the 2 money back machine. When this is the case, the question a Is the cost of the metrobus over the cost of the public trying to be removed from the public “comes to mind.

800 thousand people a day in the case of all the passengers in the metrobus pay full wages in the case of the IMM 2 million 360 thousand pounds. If only 10 receives 2 from the person, the money of the IMM is placed on 900 thousand lira.

Monthly subscriber, student cards and transferring passengers are deducted from this figure, IMM earns close to 500 thousand pounds per day. The first stage of IETT, which was put into service in 2007, started to work on the E-5 route between Topkapı-Avcılar. The system carrying passengers between Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu or Zincirlikuyu-Sögütlüçeşme stations was a complete Istanbul torture.

When first built, 100 was planned to carry a thousand passengers, but things didn't go as planned and a thousand people were forced to use this line daily.

Metrobus will be metro

Last year, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas ir Metrobus line exceeded its capacity. The system stops in a small accident. The solution of this is the development of the metro line. Bun 6 years of continuous fiasco metrobus that has completed the life of the confessing Topbas, Metrobüsü time to convert the metro, Beylikdüzü to reach the metro work is being done rob recently made the statement.

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