42 Escalator and 14 Elevator to Metro and Ankara

Metro and Ankara 42 Escalator and 14 Elevator More: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara, Metro and Ankaray stations 42 pieces of new escalators and 14 pieces of disabled lift is doing.

Turkey's most secure, modern and fast public transportation vehicle Ankaray and subway traveling with Başkentliler of, to be able to move comfortably and safely in the station continues to work Municipality, the Red Crescent-12 subway station between Batikent and Dikimevi-ASTI between 11 Ankaray Station In addition to the 54 elevator, 76 escalator and 4 marching road serving now also began construction of new ones, especially at Kızılay station. Each year Turkey has carried passengers exceeds the population and the Metropolitan Municipality Başkentliler with 30 August 1996 in introducing the Ankaray with 28 December 1997 the services offered by the Metro rail on fast, secure and filling the eye with its modern travel facilities, stations in the capital city of and in line with the needs of disabled citizens new studies are continuing.

Every year millions of citizens jobs to go to school or used to get from place to place, for the first time held in Ankara in Turkey and rails provide on the trip address technology transport with great train Başkentliler, followed hours 24 with security cameras, where the arrangements for the disabled, security With the help of the elements, they can access the privilege of traveling in peace in the protected stations.

Day and night transport and security, night and day care services with intensive day-to-day work in Ankaray and Metro, met with the capitalists, modern elevators and escalators.

Will be served in the months ahead

In the scope of the study initiated by EGO Rail Systems Department, the 36 units elevator will be renewed with the existing 1 escalators. So far, the stairs, which allows us to rise up meters from the floor, as well as the escalators we made to the stations were also providing great convenience. In addition, the transfer to the terminal at AŞTİ Station is a great advantage especially for our passengers who carry goods. In addition to our total of 42 escalators, we have started the construction of the capital's fastest public transportation subway and the new ones in Ankaray. They are scheduled to be put into service in the coming months. Ön


In addition to the mobilization launched by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide safe and comfortable transportation for the disabled citizens in the capital, the new disabled elevators will provide great comfort to the stations. will be in the service of our people. In addition to our existing 54 disabled elevator, our new elevator 14 will provide great convenience for pregnant, elderly and veterans with our disabled citizens. Mevcut

12 to the 28 station in the Metro has started the construction of new escalators, in addition to 2 to Kızılay, 3 to Sıhhiye; uz We are also renewing the total 1 escalators and a lift in our Kızılay station, kayd said the recording officials.

Labor, Bahçelievler, Maltepe, Demirtepe, College, Kurtuluş and Dikimevi Ankaray stations 14 also stated that the new escalators were made in total, "Besides, the Labor, Kurtuluş and Kızılay station for the construction of the disabled elevator continues work," he said.

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