New facilities in Medel Electronics

In the new facilities of Medel Elektronik: Chairman of the Board of Medel Elektronik Niyazi Sarımaden said that they opened their new facilities. He also stated that they have increased their production capacities and product diversity with this investment from Sarımaden.

Niyazi Sarımaden, Chairman of the Board of Medel Elektronik, stated that they have increased their production capacities and expanded their product range in the new facilities they opened.

Giant investment from Medel
Medel Elektronik started to serve in its new center and has a closed area of ​​7 thousand square meters. Automation, Electronic Equipment Manufacturing, Railway Products Production, Warehouse, Mechanical Production and Administrative Floor sections are available.

In the industry since 1994
Niyazi Sarımaden, Chairman of Medel Elektronik and 1994 employees in 2 and 50 started to operate in a square meter area. Today, 25 engineer, 70 technician and 105 technician have been working with XNUMX employees.

Great importance to R & D
Sarımaden said that they attach great importance to R & D activities since the day they started their activities. Our company, which aims to develop electronic products and systems which are in need of Turkish industry, continues to work with full time 15 R & D personnel which is composed of most engineers. Our company is positioned separately from the production department and has an isolated R & D field of activity. Design and development activities are carried out by engineers and technicians who devote their time to R & D activities. In this way, we succeeded in developing the innovative and original products that our country needs, and we have presented many products that are completely external to the Turkish industry. Again, in line with the targets we set, we are aiming to export 2023 of our production by increasing our 300 by 50 in our current capacity in XNUMX ğ.

Better quality service
Niyazi Sarımaden stated that they will be able to make their existing products more planned, high quality and fast with their new facilities, and thus they will increase their service quality and production amounts and also they will produce new projects and new products with the new test areas they have created.
100 domestic product

Sarımaden, X Our company serves mainly 2 industry, including industry and railway. It provides services to the sectors such as plastic, packaging, printing, iron-steel, paper, glass, woven-textile, crane, elevator, power plants, coal mines, sheet metal, shipyard, ship etc. sectors. We usually provide our solution suggestions with 100 devices. No. We are the only manufacturer of this product is one of many in Turkey. AC Motor develops and manufactures electronic measurement / control cards, devices and systems needed for Vector Speed ​​Control, DC Motor Speed ​​Control, Railway Applications, Shipyard Applications, Edge Control, Tension Control, Camera Control, Register Control and Automation applications. Moving to our new location, we have started R & D work for several new products. Yeni

7 / 24 service available
Niyazi Sarımaden, Chairman of the Board of Medel Elektronik stated, ü 400, which we produce in our own facilities as Medel Elektronik, has offered more than one thousand products to the world with its sales and marketing network operating in Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans as well as in the country. Our company has a total of 10 units including 7 units and 17 units. We are considering expanding our dealer network with the increase in production as a result of new investments. We offer 7 / 24 technical service for our products and automation applications. One of the most important advantages of being a domestic company is that we know our customers' expectations and working conditions very well. Within the scope of after-sales support; We are a company that can respond quickly to commissioning and failure intervention with our experienced staff. We especially appreciate the services we have made in public institutions (TCDD, TSK, defense industry, shipyards etc.). After-sales service given to products with foreign origin is given as delayed and much more expensive verilen.

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