Marmaray's Test Brings Percent 30


The test of Marmaray brought 30 percent: "The project of the century" Marmaray flew the housing prices on the routes it passed. Even the project's testing raised prices by 30 percent. Marmaray, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan defined as "the project of centuries, not of the century", almost brought the real estate prices on the routes it passed to the top. The fact that the Bosphorus crossing will be reduced to 4 minutes and 1 million people will be transported a day with the project have had a doping effect on the real estate sector. Transfer stations on the European Side Halkalı, Kazlıçeşme and Yenikapı, Söğütlüçeşme, Bostancı, Maltepe, Pendik and Gebze on the Anatolian Side, housing prices are expected to skyrocket. Kartal on 29 OctoberKadıköy The Marmaray project, which is aimed to be completed simultaneously with the High Speed ​​Train Line, has affected the housing prices in the region by 30 percent even during the testing phase.


Every transportation project implemented in Istanbul stimulates the real estate sector in the regions it addresses. The best example of this was the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line, which made at least 20 percent premium on housing prices in the region, even when it was still in the feasibility stage. EVA Real Estate appraiser Gökçen Taşkın stated that rail systems have a great impact on the values ​​of housing projects. Flood, as an example Kadıköy-Kartal showed the high value increase around the metro line. With the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line and Marmaray coming into service, Gebze-Halkalı Stating that the same level of increase will be experienced around the line, Taşkın said, “The unit square meter of branded residences in the region increased by 30 percent”.


With the commissioning of Üsküdar-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe metro in 2016, the same development is expected to occur in these regions. Real estate appraisers predict a significant increase in existing or on-going projects along the line. Gebze-Halkalı With the introduction of Marmaray, which will provide uninterrupted access between the two cities, Üsküdar will be a transfer center where all rail systems intersect at the Anatolian Side. Parallel to this, the high value increase is expected on the routes where all rail systems pass.


Gebze-Halkalı Improvement of Suburban Lines and Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) Project will enter underground in Yedikule after Kazlıçeşme. It will move along the new underground stations Yenikapı and Sirkeci. Passing under the Bosphorus and moving from Üsküdar, another new underground station, it will rise to the surface again in Ayrılıkçeşme. From there, it will reach Söğütlüçeşme. The length of this section will be approximately 13.5 kilometers.


Gebze and Halkalı between: 105 minutes
Between Bostanci and Bakirkoy: 37 minutes
Between Söğütlüçeşme and Yenikapı: 12 minutes
Between Uskudar and Sirkeci: 4 will be minutes.

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