Marmarayın Wreck Ships 8 Moved Away From The Land Per Year

The Sunken Ships of Marmaray Moved from Land in 8 Years: During the archaeological excavations carried out within the scope of Istanbul Marmaray and metro projects, 37 sunken ships in Yenikapı were moved from the land.

Head of the Department of Protection of Underwater Cultural Ruins of Istanbul University (IU) Literature Faculty and Head of IU Yenikapı Shipwrecks Project Assoc. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Ufuk Kocabaş explained that 37 sunken ships found in Yenikapı during the archaeological excavations carried out within the scope of Marmaray and metro projects have been moved from the land.

Stating that the works took about 8 years, Kocabaş said that the Marmaray and metro projects were unearthed during the construction of the Yenikapı transfer station and the structures found in the "Theodosius Harbor", one of the most important ports of Istanbul in the Middle Ages, as well as tens of thousands of archaeological artifacts, as well as the world's largest medieval boat collection. He emphasized that he gave it to Istanbul.

"The oldest ship is one thousand 500 years old"

Kocabaş emphasized that scientific studies continue on the remains of sunken ships found in excavations, he said:

“The restoration of wooden remains, the oldest of which is about 500 years old and exposed to the destructive power of nature in this process, requires a long-term work. The ships that will be strengthened by impregnating various chemical substances will start to welcome their visitors after these applications. While the excavations continue, this invaluable collection, which attracts great attention of both the scientific community and the public, is undoubtedly expected to attract wider masses and make a great contribution to cultural tourism, especially with the exhibition after the restoration works.

Kocabaş stated that the case studies conducted in Yenikapı have inspired other projects on the subject, and the European Union, the project titled “LIMEN: Cultural Ports from Aegean to the Black Sea”, started within the framework of ENPI Black Sea Basin Cross-Border Cooperation Program. He stated that it aims to carry out an inventory study on cultural assets in many port cities with a coastline and to encourage cultural tourism by ensuring institutional coordination between these cities.

"It will make a great contribution to the tourism network"

Kocabaş stated that Istanbul, the most magnificent city in the region with its cultural heritage and history, is at the center of the works and that the pilot applications to be realized in Istanbul are expected to make a great contribution to the planned tourism network.

Kocabaş expressed that the total budget provided by the EU to all project participants in the countries is 1 million 200 thousand Euros and stressed that the project will continue for 24 months.

Pointing out that among the project activities, a copy of the sunken boat 12 in Yenikapı will be built in its original dimensions, Kocabaş said, “We will make a copy of Yenikapı 12 with the budget provided to us from this project. We will also organize an international congress and a photography exhibition that draws attention to the ancient ports and tourism routes in the Black Sea. Participating countries will have their own unique studies and contributions within the scope of the project ”.

"The boat will set sail again after a thousand years"

The reconstruction project of the shipwreck, which is still in the process of restoration, is presented by Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Kocabas stressed that was done by Isil Ozsait Kocabas, said:

“The Yenikapı 12 ship, one of the best preserved shipwrecks found in Yenikapı, is a complete time capsule since it is located together with the cargo it carries. It is curiously expected that the boat, which is about 10 meters long and is thought to be engaged in coastal trade, will sail to Marmara again after a thousand years. The ship will be made in accordance with the original. Instead of modern tools, the hand tools and techniques used at that time will be adhered to. We plan to complete the construction of the ship in 6 months. During this time, we aim to reach as many visitors and especially students as possible. As the works continue, we aim to continue the construction process in a more colorful way with different conferences and interesting workshops on this subject. We will start implementation in the next few months. ”

"Istanbul is the world's largest sunken ship museum"

Kocabaş pointed out that the process of moving the shipwrecks from the land is over, but the first ship will be ready to be exhibited in 4 or 5 years, saying, “The first ship to be exhibited will be 'Yenikapı 12'. The exhibition collection must be prepared by making a selection among the shipwrecks removed from the field. Some ships that are not suitable for the exhibition should also be kept for scientific studies. The decision of this will be made by the experts of Istanbul Archeology Museums ”.

The world's largest shipwreck museum in Istanbul, where they still examine the construction techniques of the ships, and that the sunken ships belonging to the Byzantine period kazanKocabaş pointed out that the formation of the museum depends on the completion of the ship project.

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