Did you record tubes in the Marmaras?

Is the registration of tubes in Marmaray: Statement from the Ministry. Metin Tahan, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication; In the Marmaray project, which connects Europe and Asia under the Bosphorus by rail, the 7th tube passage unit reacted to the claims that there was a 15 centimeter deviation towards Sirkeci.

Infrastructure Investments in carrying out the project Ministry of Transportation Deputy General Manager Metin Tahan, noting that one of the world's and Turkey's Marmaray most important project, "This project is a pupil in our country," he said. Tahan stated that N the mistake was covered arak by filling the bottom of the 15 centimeter elevation which caused controversy in the project, “These claims are not true. Nor is it possible. That's not even true to say. We work with the best experts and technical staff in the world. It doesn't even occur to you to tolerate this, to do it in a serious way. Tahan stated that there are no risk or danger elements in the project. In such an important mega project, no mistakes can be accepted and tolerated. There was no mistake can not be brought to the end. Technical studies and technology requirements are fulfilled. This was also done in Marmaray. ”

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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