An ammunition was released from the Marmaray excavation

Ammunition came from the Marmaray excavation: Explosives and numerous bullets were found in the Marmaray excavation in Tuzla.
Explosives and numerous bullets were found during the Marmaray excavation in Tuzla. 9 cylinder pipe was found to be the material used in the construction of the bomb.

According to the news in the Today Newspaper, the arsenal was reached in the Marmaray high-speed train excavation line in Istanbul Tuzla, Yayla District, the evening before. When the teams conducting excavation saw gun bullets and cylindrical pipes in a plastic bag, they reported the situation to 155.

Crime Scene Investigation Branch teams and bomb disposal experts were sent to the construction site of Marmaray. Teams from the bag; 109 pieces firecrackers, 30 gram black powder substance, 63 grams undefined dough-like substance, 9 pieces cylindrical tubing with 26 pieces metal and spring released.


Bomb disposal experts examined the dust and pasty materials and cylindrical pipes used in the explosive materials are focused on the materials. To date, various actions have been used bomb devices placed on the cylinder pipe. Anti-Terror Branch teams launched a large-scale investigation into the ammunition buried in the ground.

No evidence has yet been reached as to who or who hid the ammunition in the ground. 9mm bullets were sent to the Criminal Police Laboratory for ballistic examination. The mysterious ammunition was found shortly after the announcement of the decisions in the Ergenekon case, he noted.


Bomb disposal expert teams, examined the materials found. 9 cylindrical tubes and other materials from the bag previously used by the terrorist organizations frequently used in the construction of pipe-type bombs were determined.

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