Suspension of the bridges for the tender

Postponement to the maintenance tender of the bridges: The tender date, previously announced as September 5, was postponed to September 25 for the major repair and structural reinforcement of the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, where the suspended ropes will be made vertical.

According to the AA correspondent, the tender will be open to all domestic and foreign tenderers. They will bid on the tender, the tender document will be purchased from the General Directorate of Highways for 1.200 lira. Bids can be delivered by hand to the General Directorate of Highways until the date and time of the tender and can be sent to the same address by registered mail.

Tenderers will give their bids on the turnkey lump sum. As a result of the tender, the tenderer will be signed a contract on the lump sum of the turnkey. In this tender, a tender will be submitted for the whole work. Bidders shall submit a bid bond in the amount determined by them not to be less than the 3 of the price offered. The validity period of the bids shall be 180 days from the date of the tender. The tender will not be offered as a consortium.

The Maintenance, Repair and Structural Reinforcement Project Engineering and Consultancy Services work of the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges run by the American Parsons company, which envisages the replacement of the Bosphorus Bridge suspension ropes, was completed on April 26. The tender date announced as 5 September for the maintenance, repair, structural reinforcement and suspension rope exchange works of the bridges was determined as 25 September.

Asphalt will come from America

Asphalt renewal will also be made on the bridge, which was last changed in 1991. The rock asphalt extracted from the low-penetration lake will be used in the asphalt of the bridge. The asphalt in question comes from Trinidad Tabogo, a small state in America. It is marketed to the whole world from here. It is not an oil product asphalt. Lake asphalt, a asphalt naturally found in the lake. By mixing this asphalt and the asphalt used on normal roads, mastic asphalt will be applied when hard, high strength and 4 centimeters thick. This type of asphalt, which is used on steel-based bridges and has its own manufacturing and laying method, will be applied on a surface of approximately 26 thousand square meters. Before applying this asphalt, the existing asphalt and insulation system will be dismantled, rust will be checked in the steel floor and the insulation system will be renewed. The 2,5-month study is planned to start after the schools close in June 2014 and finish before the schools open. During the asphalt change, it is planned to serve at least two departures and two arrivals on the road.

After completing the tender for the major repair and structural reinforcement project on the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges on September 25, the materials to be used in maintenance works will be supplied until the summer of 2014. The works, which are planned to take approximately 18 months, or 540 days, will begin with the site delivery within 15 days from the date of signing the contract.

Hanger ropes produced in countries such as China, Japan, Spain, Italy and Germany will be brought from abroad after approval by the authorities of General Directorate of Highways.

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