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Izmir subway | Metro response from Kocaoğl Minister Minister Yıldırım: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu responded to the criticisms made by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım on the subway. Yıldırım said, “They gave an idea for new lines in the rail system, but there are no projects. They just drew the places on paper. We do it too. We pass under the sea with the Marmaray Project. In Izmir, 5 kilometers of metro is not finished. Hopefully, we will get on and off one morning with the words of the President. ” Evaluating his words, Kocaoğlu said, “Thank you very much. Thank you." He gave the answer.

Yıldırım said for new metro projects, “They gave an idea for new lines in the rail system, but there are no projects. We do it too. ” Responding to his words, Kocaoğlu said, “There is a project, projects were prepared. In fact, a project was built as a double tunnel between Halkapınar and Otogar. They said they would merge with the high-speed train and that job was linked to the high-speed train. We got it. Projects were given until Narlıdere. Then we set a target for Yeni Liman Mahallesi there. In addition, we requested the route of the Buca Tramway Project from TCDD. When we did not give the old suburban line, we returned to the city. Then they said they would do it themselves. We gave it too. His project was ready. You will ask him why Minister Bey said so, you will not ask me. I'm saying it exists. ” said.


Kocaoğlu, who also criticized the words of Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, about the archaeological work carried out in Bahribaba Park during his visit to Konak Tunnels, said that the archaeologists should be respected. Underlining what the law requires, it should be implemented, Kocaoğlu said, “If it was to be expected, we would wait. Didn't we wait two years for underground parking at the fair? Didn't we wait in many other projects? Of course we would wait. These are all normal. ” he spoke.

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