Kastamonu Railway Remzi Gür Stamp

Kastamonu Railway Remzi Gür Stamp: Kamil Demircioglu, who served as the Kastamonu Governor for two terms, said in a tourism meeting (1985) that Gür There will be no tourism without airline. Kast

Demircioğlu was an experienced governor who left his mark in our city with his works which have culture and tourism.

Kastamonu airport 05 opened in July 2013. Our dream to open our horizons in tourism has been realized.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to Kastamonu in 19 July 2013 and opened the airport. We thank you for this service and we applaud.

Kastamonu has a big problem that needs to be solved. Our railway problem cannot be fully demanded. The minister comes voiced half a mouth rail. The demand for ”We want the railway“ does not occur.

Railway is vital for Kastamonu. Railroad means overcrowding and work. The economy only recovers with it. Our agricultural and industrial products cannot be evaluated unless there is a railway.

Kastamonu local press articles and news should keep the issue of railroad on the agenda.

As I read the writings of Mustafa Afacan, the strong press of the local press in Kastamonu newspaper, my hopes for railroads come alive.

In the article titled “Smurfs UM of Afacan Kastamonu Newspaper 20 July 2013 irin I couldn't hear a word from the Prime Minister about the railway at the opening of the airport.

Black train is delayed, maybe never comes to the song, Kastamonu'ya remained relic., He says.

Afacan writes, to hope, not to break hope. The exit right from the ground up to the sky.

There is no forwarding request for Prime Minister Erdogan. Members of the party, especially MPs, civil society organizations do not sound. Prime Minister came to Kastamonu, everyone silent.

There's a sound. Effective and powerful sound. Our city is from world-famous businessman Remzi Gür.

During the disintegration of the ceremony, Remzi Gür shouted loudly to Prime Minister Erdoğan, defa We want a railway to Kastamonu defa three times.

Thank you Remzi Gür… for forwarding Kastamonu's request for the railway to the Prime Minister. Because you are our railroad ambassador.

Source : http://www.kastamonupostasi.com

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