No services in Izmir Port

There is no disruption in services in Izmir Port: It was stated that the news that ships could not be served with the completion of the annual working legal period in Izmir Port did not reflect the truth.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the statement made by the General Directorate of Izmir Port workers in 270 hours of overtime annual reports that reflect the realities of the vessels can not be serviced by filling the statutory time was noted. In a written statement made by TCDD, was reminded of the port of Izmir is one of Turkey's most important trading port. Minister Yıldırım and TCDD General Manager Karaman reminded that they decided to make important investments in order to provide better service in the port in previous years, and on top of that, the revision of 25 highly worn fixed port cranes that have been providing loading and unloading services to ships for 30-5 years. recorded that it started. In the statement, which stated that the revision of 3 cranes was completed in line with this plan, it was stated that the revision of the 4th crane is still ongoing. While these works were in progress, the 8th crane had failed during loading and unloading on Thursday, August 5, which is the first day of the Ramadan Feast, and the following was recorded: “The failure was immediately intervened and a spare engine was installed. However, due to the malfunction of this engine, our crane has become inactive. Turkey has sent the largest and most experienced company engaged in the motor windings of the motor. The company will work on holidays, and if there is no problem, it will deliver the engines in a way that the broken crane will be activated on Tuesday, August 13, at the latest. The news that the vessels cannot be served with the completion of the legal period of 270 hours per year in İzmir Port do not reflect the facts. Elimination of the existing personnel shortage by working overtime was resolved with the instructions of our Minister and General Manager. The reason for the accumulation of ships in the open is the increase in our trade volume, the arrival of new ships other than the future ships notified to us by the agencies, and the fact that our 2 cranes are inactive at the same time due to the mentioned problems. These problems will be eliminated in a short time thanks to the measures taken by the instructions of our Minister and General Manager.

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