Prime Minister of Silkworm waiting for the day in the City Square

The city is waiting for the day in the city's silk silk is waiting for the Prime Minister: Very soon;
For the tram that will be put into service, the final preparations for the Metropolitan Municipality are being made.
Same time;
The first phase of the tram line, called T1 line, which is one of the major projects of President Recep Altepe, will be put into service with passenger transportation after trial runs.
Stadium Street;
It is now over 6.5 stations on the 13-kilometer route, including Altıparmak Avenue-Atatürk Avenue-Statue-İnönü Avenue-Cyprus Martyrs Avenue-Town Square and -Dermstadt Avenue.
With the energy supplied to the system after the paving rails, there will be a new public transportation vehicle in the streets of Bursa.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is expected to launch the tram, which consists of 6 trains and will continuously ring on the Sculpture-Garage line.

On August 17;
Prime Minister Erdogan, who will come to Bursa and press the urban transformation button that covers 45 thousand houses in 90 cities, including Yıldırım district of Bursa, is also expected to address the public in Kent Square after this ceremony.
While AK Party executives continue to work in this direction, the tram exhibited from Kent Square for a long time is expected to be put into operation with the participation of Prime Minister Erdoğan.
In this direction;
The Metropolitan Municipality administration, which has accelerated its initiatives, is almost looking forward to launching the tram project, which will make a great contribution to Bursa's urban transportation and significantly reduce the traffic in the city.
After the first tram line, consisting of 6.5 kilometers, has been put into operation with passenger transport, the eyes will be turned into the Terminal line to Yalova Road, this time referred to as the T2 line.

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