Hz. The gondolier of the ropeway to the difficult transportation of the Yuşa Tomb | Istanbul

One of the most visited holy places of Istanbul, Hz. The cable car good news for the difficult access of Yuşa Tomb. Two separate ropeway projects to be built by IMM between Beykoz Sultaniye-Karlıtepe and Beykoz Meadow-Yüşa Hill will be put out to tender in September. The cable car line will provide pedestrian and tourist circulation between Sultaniye Park on the Beykoz coast and the 'Beykoz Karlıtepe Picnic Area'.


The double line, which will be 1.5 and 2 kilometers in length, will facilitate access to the hill and offer a unique Bosphorus view. The cable car that will reach the highest hill from Paşabahçe beach will give Istanbulis the pleasure of 10 minutes.

Source : www.aksam.com.t is



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