Is Historical Locomotive On Display? Was it Scrapped?

The steam locomotive, which is to be exhibited in front of the TCDD Train Station, looks like it was scrapped with its dirt and neglect.

Unfortunately, steam locomotives, which were taken first by steam train enthusiasts all over the world, have been scrapped by the TCDD Station in Burdur.

This giant steam locomotive, which we think is probably the least of its kind in the world and in our country, unfortunately gives an abandoned image to decay. All parts of the locomotive, dust, soil, dirt, rust inside, some parts of the rust began to rot, decay. The engineer's office in the locomotive is in a terrible state.

The steam train in front of the station where the children and even young people do not see and watch while they are working, is surprised by the pollution and neglect of the viewers.

Although there was news about this issue in our newspaper, the TCDD Garage Office has notified us either to our newspaper or to the cleanliness and maintenance of the steam locomotive, which is very valuable.

Once again, we call for the steam locomotive to be made, clean and maintained.

Günceleme: 14/03/2021 00:22

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