Level Crossing Accidents on History

Level Crossing Accidents happen: If the regulation that regulates the precautions and application principles at the railway level crossings, the level crossing accidents leading to the loss of life and property will be lost.

Özden Polat, President of the Association of Railway Construction and Operation Staff Aid and Solidarity (YOLDER), said, “We are pleased that this regulation, which aims to ensure railway and road traffic safety, has been issued. As YOLDER, we are proud of our contribution to the preparation of the regulation ”.

Turkey railway grade crossings and then bring solutions to the problems of transportation gateway entry into force of the Law on the liberalization of regulations was published as expected. The “Regulation on Measures to be Taken at Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles” prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Railway Regulation entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette No. 3 dated 2013 July 28696. The purpose of the regulation was defined as "Ensuring the order and safety of railway and road traffic at railway level crossings". With the regulation, the standards, procedures and principles regarding the construction, maintenance, operation and marking of railway level crossings and their protection systems, and the authorities and responsibilities of the relevant persons were also determined.

According to the regulation, new roads will definitely not be cross-leveled. In places where train speeds exceed 160 per hour, the crossing cannot be established. The minimum distance between the two railway level crossings will not be less than 5000 meters, and 1000 meters in residential areas. A second railway level crossing cannot be opened at these distances.

In the regulation that defines the general physical standards with level crossing protection systems, the characteristics of the protection systems to be established at the railway level crossings were also stated. In order to ensure that pedestrians and disabled citizens can easily pass through the crossroads in the settlement centers, a pedestrian pathway with a width of at least 100 centimeters on both sides of the passage is envisaged.

The existing railway level crossings will be adapted by the State Railways (TCDD) within three years of the entry into force of the regulation. At the end of this period and also in the course of time the specifications and standards will be closed by the relevant governorships, which are not rendered within six months of the conditions specified in the regulation from railway level crossings.

Özden Polat, President of the Association of Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Aid and Solidarity (YOLDER), said that the "Regulation on Measures to be Taken at Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles" overcomes the lack of legal legislation they have determined and tried to explain in this field. Polat emphasized that standards and rules are brought in level crossings and protection systems with the regulation aiming to ensure the safety of railway and road traffic and thus life and property safety, Polat said, “The standards brought by the regulation are in international acceptance and norms. All responsibility is given to the institutions and organizations to which the highway is connected. In accordance with this regulation, most of the existing level crossings will be closed and under / overpasses will be built in their places. A more effective control and inspection will be made with camera monitoring systems. And a three-year transition period has been set for all of this. Level crossing accidents will be a thing of the past after the construction is completed in three years. As YOLDER, we are pleased that this regulation has been issued due to our understanding of social responsibility. We are also proud of our contribution to this study, ”he said.

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