Marmaray doping from Florya to Kartal

Marmaray doping from Florya to Kartal: TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme AŞ Deputy General Manager Fatih Tosun, on the European side of the prominent regions with the Marmaray Project, Florya, Yeşilköy, Bakırköy and Zeytinburnu, and Üsküdar on the Asian side, Kadıköy Stating that they will be in and Kartal regions, he said, “With the Marmaray Project, these centers will become more accessible and this will have a positive effect on housing prices”.

Evaluating the reflections of the Marmaray Project on the real estate sector in the regions where it passes, Tosun said that one leg of the project, whose construction started in 2004, is the Bosphorus passage (Tube Tunnel) and the other is Haydarpaşa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı he noted that the improvement of suburban lines.

Tosun in the west of Istanbul HalkalıStating that it expanded on the east-west corridor extending to Levent in the north and Tuzla in the east, and that the process took place especially on the Marmara coast, the first Bosphorus Bridge was opened in 1973 and the E-5 Highway was built in Gebze in the east of Istanbul. He said that it expanded as far as Silivri in the west, and that the city started to slide towards the north.

The north-west shifts the TEM Motorway and the second Bosphorus bridge and the construction of the third bridge further north.
Stating that he will direct, Tosun, according to the 1/100 thousand Istanbul Provincial Environmental Plan, Tuzla-Pendik, Kartal and its surroundings, Maltepe, Bostancı, KadıköyHe noted that Taksim and its surroundings, Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy and its surroundings are considered as the central business area-attraction center.

Emphasizing that these regions are either important points of the Marmaray Project or the natural centers of the European and Asian sides, Tosun said:

“With the Marmaray Project, these centers will become more accessible and therefore development is expected in commercial real estate in these centers. Along with urban development, the most important factor for the development of residential settlements is transportation. Not only the Marmaray Project, but Yenikapı and Ayrılık Çeşme stations, which provide connection with the two main points of the project, will be effective factors in the development of housing settlements and housing prices, new and old metro lines. The project will revive the Marmara shores, which is the first urban development axis of Istanbul. Improving transportation in urban transformation and renovation of city centers will have a positive effect on housing prices on Marmara shores. "

Attractions of the European side of Florya and Zeytinburn

Tosun, Florya, Yeşilköy, Bakırköy and Zeytinburnu on the European side of the prominent regions with the Marmaray Project, and Üsküdar on the Asian side, Kadıköy Stating that they will be in Kartal and Kartal regions, “The most distinctive feature of Florya is its large houses with gardens and luxurious housing sites. When the need for luxury housing increased with the emergence of a rapidly enriching new class after the 1980s, Florya was in high demand with the buildings and villas built one after another. The high demand for the region keeps the interest of the investor companies alive. Today, old buildings are demolished and new projects are implemented in the region where the empty land supply is very limited, ”he said.

Stating that one of the most important features of the Florya region is that the spatial size of the existing and newly built houses can be compared with the "detached houses", Tosun said that the region has an entrenched buyer mass, and this is one of the most important reasons why the construction companies remain attractive.

Tosun stated that the region, which is preferred by those who want to stay close to the city center but away from the city noise, comes to the forefront with the "housing sector", and noted that the airport and commercial construction in the vicinity of Florya have also increased the demand for the region.

In a short time, the transformation of industrial areas and unplanned settlements gave Zeytinburnu a different face. kazanExplaining that the region is developing, Tosun said that the development of the region in a short time is that it has transportation advantages and that there is a qualified large-scale land stock.

Stating that the Sümer Neighborhood in Zeytinburnu, the first region that comes to mind when talking about urban transformation, came to the fore with urban transformation works, Tosun said:

“Two important projects continue to be discussed in Zeytinburnu. One of them is the port and marina project planned to be built in Kazlıçeşme. Within the scope of the project, it is estimated that it will take place not only in the port and marina but also in functions such as residence, hotel and shopping center. The project took its final form after a number of legal processes, with the reduction of the coefficient and height. The project, which is planned to be realized on a land of 436 thousand square meters and a filling area, includes a construction area of ​​350 thousand square meters. The other is Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
planned to be built by Çırpıcı Meadow on 500 decares of land.
is a city park project. "

KadıköyLuxury housing and residence projects stand out in Turkey

Tosun KadıköyStating that with the effect of its proximity to shopping centers, Marmara, Doğuş, İstanbul Aydın, İstanbul Civilization and Işık Universities, E-5 Highway, and the Bosphorus Bridge, it has become a highly demanded area with new luxury housing and residence projects, and E-5 Highway He also noted that the new housing, shopping mall, hospital and hotel investments in the surrounding area add dynamism to the real estate market, causing the region to stand out.

Stating that there are branded, new and luxury housing projects in the region, Tosun stated that the Fikirtepe region has been the focus of many investors for years due to the very small size of the lands to be built in the city center of Istanbul.

Tosun, the present importance of the region kazan10 years ago, the most important share in the project was the Urban Transformation Project planned to be built in Kartal.
When urban transformation is mentioned, Kartal and Zeytinburnu come to mind.
He said, "The most important common points for both regions to be mentioned with urban transformation are that these regions are located at the intersection points of the city's important transportation axes and that the industrial facilities in the region are becoming outdated and out of use."

Noting that the Kartal region was planned as a first degree center together with Kozyatağı on the Anatolian side of Istanbul according to the environmental plan prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Tosun said, “It is very difficult to develop a project in a central location in a metropolis like Istanbul.
status. Large-scale land stock in the European side and Kozyatağı
Although it is limited, there is a serious amount of land stock in the Kartal region, where projects can be developed as residential and service areas. Also, which started operations in 2012 Kadıköy-Kartal metro has provided a certain relief in terms of transportation in the region and increased the accessibility of the region. The largest courthouse in the world, which started operating at the beginning of 2013 after a long construction process, is also an important part of the dynamism in this region.
one of the reasons. Courthouse also affected commercial real estate development.
He spoke in the form of.

Tosun emphasized that the commercial development in Sabiha Gökçen and its surroundings and the relocation of banks' operation centers to these regions increased a significant white-collar population, that this group is expected to prefer Kartal to live, and that the easy access to Istanbul center brings the region to the fore. that prestigious housing projects are built in or near the E-5 Highway, one of the main reasons for this is Kartal-Kadıköy He said the metro line was coming.

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