Prime Minister Erdogan made a test drive in Marmaray (Video - Photo Gallery)

Prime Minister Erdogan made a test drive in Marmaray: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan carried out a test drive in Marmaray. Erdogan sat in the driver's seat and moved from the Asian side to the European side under the Bosphorus by the train he used.

In his speech before the test, Prime Minister Erdogan said the following:
Today, we will be delighted by the test drive of the 10 km stage.
From now on, the separatism will become a fountain of discovery for us.
This was an annual dream of 150. It was a project in which our ancestors performed their unique work.
It was our best to make this project real.
Today we will do an intercontinental crossing in Marmaray.
This project is also a giant project that will connect the Beijing-London line.
Our sensitivity to the environment and history is not artificial.
We do the truth. In all studies, environment A to Z was made by paying attention.
4 years of this sensitivity has caused us to postpone this project.
This sensitivity has cost a lot and I have to express it here.
Mankind sees what is done on the earth. We're also under the ground of gold.
There are countries that make up four floors under the ground. We're not gonna have a floor.
Istanbul is no longer able to respond to the need.
Our transportation is very difficult. Then we'il take other measures.
We will have to do twice as much of a floor, maybe three times of our Istanbul.
The population is based on the 15 million. We have to take these measures.
I believe the future is ours.
Hopefully, we are building the four sides of our country with Demirağlarla. Not others.
In addition, we are knitting with luxury highways. Not others.
When we say the double way, the wave passers are experiencing the pleasure of these double roads.


From time to time the train will land below the 60 meter. Currently 4 minutes will be 19 minutes. The project, which was launched in 2004, is expected to be available to citizens on 29 October. The whole project will be completed in 2015.

Total Line Length: 76,3 km

Superficial Metro Cutting Length: 63 km

Number of Surface Stations 37 pcs

Railway Throat Tube Pass Section Total Length 13,6 km

Drilling Tube Tunnel Length: 9,8 km

Immersed Tube Tunnel Length: 1,4 km

Open and Close Tunnel Length 2,4 km

Number of Underground Stations 3 pcs

Station Length: (min) 225 meter

Number of passengers to move in one direction: (one way per hour) 75 bin

Maximum Speed: (hours) 100 km

Commercial Speed: (hours) 45 km

Train Trips: 2-10 minutes

Number of Vehicles: 440 pieces

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