Ease of Transfer Started in Istanbul

The ease of transfer started at Izbuk: Hilal Station, which provides ease of transfer between Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) and Metro, was put into service. Thanks to the new station completed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the density experienced in Halkapınar decreased by half. President Aziz Kocaoglu, the work out between the citizens mixed with the new station and passenger satisfaction was tested how.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD cooperation in the history of the Republic of Turkey as the largest urban public transportation project implemented in Izmir Suburban System-İZBAN line for more than two years of continuous service, the line continues to work for the developing needs of the line continues. İZBAN Hilal Transfer Station, which is provided by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality within this scope, provides a second transfer facility after Halkapınar in rail system. Alsancak Station, which has been closed for some time, has also been put back into operation.


Passengers using the rail system in İzmir have a second transfer station after the new station built in Hilal was put into service. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu went to Hilal in the evening to see the functioning of the project, which provides a connection between İZBAN and Metro. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who controls the newly built station and the İZBAN-Metro connection, has also sohbet did. Stating that the system will be constantly improved and made even more perfect with new investments and projects, President Kocaoğlu said that thanks to the Hilal Station, travel times will be significantly shortened.


Thanks to the new commuter transfer station integrated into the Hilal Metro Station, the passenger density due to the intersection of İZBAN and the Metro in Halkapınar has also decreased considerably. In the previous application, passengers arriving by train from Üçyol direction were forced to visit İZBAN vehicles from Halkapınar Transfer Station and to come to Alsancak Station in order to go to İZBAN with Menderes direction. İZMAN passengers from the direction of Menderes in the same way before the stop in Alsancak station Halkapınar station to transfer to subway vehicles could go to the direction of the Three Way. Thanks to the new application, a new arrangement was made in Hilal Suburban Station, just like Halkapınar was to be transferred. The passengers who come by metro from Üçyol now do not have to enter Alsancak to go to İZMAN with Menderes. Passengers arriving in the direction of Menderes can also go to Üçyol by transferring them to the metro by using the Hilal Transfer Station without entering Alsancak. The investment, which significantly reduced travel times for passengers transferring between rail systems, cost about 5 million TL to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

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