Detskoye Selo, Tsarskoye Selo was

Detskoye Selo was Tsarskoye Selo: Medvedev has restored the old name of the station
St. Detskoye Selo (children's village) railway station in St. Petersburg's Pushkin district was re-established by the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev. The former name of Detskoye Selo was changed to Tsarskoye Selo (Wed village).

Tsarskoye Selo railway station is one of the first railway stations in Russia to be built in 1837. Railway station It combines the stations of St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo.

In the 1918 after the revolution, the name Tsarskoye Selo was changed to Detskoye Selo.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

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