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On the railway bill was cut off to transporters: TCDD, 26 launched multiple runs at the point. Railway companies that are moving around working points have to pay extra for the extended road. The sector, which loses the load and the customer, says, “At least we should not take the money out of the long way Yük. According to Aysel Yucel from the World, the maintenance, repair and construction work at the 26 point in the railways caused the private sector companies to carry the load. Railway transporters have to leave the main route in many places to move from one point to another. Firms have been unable to compete even by road, as longer roads have increased transportation costs. In addition, TCDD, although extended due to its own work, is charged by companies in the long way. Ibrahim Oz, Chairman of the Railway Transportation Association, said, im The European line is closed. Çerkezköy - HalkalıClosed due to Marmaray. Gebze - Köseköy closed, the ferry was not activated. Iraq and Syria were also affected. Because of this, rail transport is currently at very low levels. It shouldn't be so close at the same time. This process needs to be more programmatic and shorter. Bu

Ağ Our goal is to increase our 10 shipments every year, but this year we will not be able to achieve this goal, ı Öz stated. This will be a success for us even if we catch the rate last year. Last year we transported about 26 million tons of cargo together with TCDD. Private sector share is 25. But unfortunately, we are very victimized in the private sector. We have huge losses. We are making great efforts to bring a company to the railway but we can lose it because of short problems. They're moving to highways or the sea. It's impossible to bring it back to the railroad. There is serious competition by road. Everybody's trying to survive.

Ibrahim Oz, TCDD officials met with, but the extension of the road due to the extension of the problem could not solve the problem, he said. Öz said, den When we make a long way, it takes the long road money from us. As the road is closed, we go a long way. He can't afford a discount. TCDD is already unable to explain this to the state. We talked many times, requested. You have to take these fees. Don't make a discount, but don't make a raise. The prices were expensive by us. TCDD transport prices are currently very high due to competition in the sector. Normally the railway is cheaper, but with the addition of fees such as handling, the chances of competing with the road are very low. Prices are high for this. As we already have a victim, we expect TCDD to be supportive, Zaten he said. Öz said that due to these developments, the private sector is not so hot about investing. But I believe that from the coming year the private sector will make significant investments in the railway. Wagon locomotives and construction machinery investment in the railway will invest heavily. Because right now we're shooting, but we think we'il sooner. These developments are important things for our sector. Increasing the standard of roads. Radius widening. There are areas where we can move faster. Daha

Looking at TCDD's website, it is seen that there are many road works, and the time and routes of the trip have been changed. TCDD, which has prepared a program on maintenance and repair points and timing at Christmas, has exceeded the program very much. In particular, the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project is said to have caused a significant disruption. 1 2012 24 trains are operated between Ankara-Arifiye-Ankara since 26 month. Eskisehir - Arifiye. It is closed from Ankara to İzmir, from Ankara to Balıkesir. Since this line is closed, trains follow Manisa-Usak-Afyon-Kutahya-Eskisehir-Ankara route. The train between Adana and Eskişehir is closed between Konya and Adana. Closed to Haydarpasa - Kars. This route runs from Ankara to Kars. Similar to these, at the moment XNUMX is working on the road.

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