Foreign capital lined up to operate railways

the entry of foreign capital to operate the railways as: foreign capital, want to grab share from the privatization of the railway began operation in Turkey. Following the regulation that envisions the opening of railways to the private sector, economic giants opened offices in Istanbul and Ankara. Many companies, including Japanese, German and South Korean companies, started to meet with TCDD officials.

Foreign capital ranked in order to operate the railways established with limited facilities of the Republic.

State railways foreign capital as it passes through privatization bill to Parliament in his eyes to Turkey. Many economic giants opened offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

The regulation that opened the door to the privatization of railways was accepted in April. Following this arrangement, foreign companies did not miss the "opportunity". About ten companies, including Japanese, German, South Korean and French companies, rolled up their sleeves to get a share from privatization. Officials of large companies such as Deutce Bahn, SNCF, Mitsubishi and Hyundai Rotem started negotiations with TCDD and the Ministry of Transport.

The service to be provided by the companies within TCDD will be freight since 2014 and passenger transportation from 2018.

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