The Claim of Cable Theft from the Yht Line

Cable Theft Claim from the Yht Line: A person allegedly stealing a cable from the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line under construction in Osmaneli district of Bilecik was caught.

According to the information obtained, the authorities noticed that some cables on the high-speed train line between Mekece and Osmaneli were missing and immediately informed the gendarmerie teams. The teams, who came to the scene, found that at the end of their investigation, about 500 meters of cable was cut from the line but could not be taken. The gendarmerie, who started work in the environment, suspected of the 41 L 581 license plate car he saw a little distance from the scene and the situation of the KV (38) near the vehicle. KV, who was detained on suspicion, was taken to the Osmaneli Gendarmerie Station for his statement.

The 500 meter cable found by the gendarmerie is handed over to the authorities while the investigation is in progress.

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