Examination by tram

Bursa by tram exam: The Metropolitan Municipality of the city surrounding the tram flights, as well as the owner of the exercise, the big city and the people will be the exam.
Although the application has discussed issues, it is now part of the daily life of the city and the people.
While the physical conditions of the city are also discussed for the flights, the utility of the application to the city and the city dwellers depends on the public.
It will be expected that the public will prefer the tram for ownership and achievement of the project. The public will also be in demand.
When this is the case…
Drivers of private vehicles and busman, minibus and taxi driver tradesmen in public transportation cannot exclude themselves from responsibility.
Rails of the streets, drivers, serious errors, carelessness and carelessness is witnessed.
New types and forms of behavior that disrupt the traffic order and pose a threat to life and property security also make us think.
Society criticizes prohibitions and restrictions, but because of their behavior, it causes prohibitions and restrictions.
The days with the tram will be tough.
Cars crossing the alley of the road on Altıparmak Street U U-turn from different lanes and turns to opposite side…
Taxis that make even the entrance of the building of the local government institution a pirate stop on Atatürk Street duran The dolmuş that stops, moves and goes according to their head…
The unsettling maneuvers and lane changes of the buses… They randomly picked up and unloaded passengers on İnönü Street.
Summary If the behaviors that do not care about the order continue from the drivers to the public transport drivers, the work of the city and the citizens lin
The tramway period is a way of life and transformation.
The Metropolitan Municipality must be able to complete the physical conditions and signaling arrangements on the line until the test runs.
The media should be informed about the traffic order of the new era and thus public awareness should be given importance.
While talking about the concept of people-oriented management with a basic service principle in official central and local government institutions…
We also introduced the concept of human-oriented problem with an article. Unfortunately, the person himself is the main factor in the alleged problems and problems for urban services and practices.
As well as individual and social awareness, official institutions need to carry out stable and effective supervision and criminal sanctions. If such double issues are ignored, wow order becomes haline

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