Silent increase in transportation in Bursa caused reactions

The silent increase in transportation in Bursa caused reactions: the citizens and politicians reacted to Bursaray, the municipality and the private public buses.

BURULAŞ of private buses and municipal Great Union Party, indicating that the bus to quietly raise made (BBP) Bursa Provincial President Omar Unsal, Turkey's most expensive that the shuttle BURULAŞ than a record by making a second 8 percent hike Bursaray in 10 months He said he signed.

Stating that BURULAŞ made a 2012% increase in 19, Ünsal said, “The last increase was made on December 07, 2012. With this increase, there is no explanation for the citizen of the 16 percent increase. BURULAŞ will excuse input and energy costs. But there is no such a big raise in energy. He thinks to cover his non-tender works with these hikes. Because Burulaş declares in writing that it has the authority to give the job to the people it wants without tender under emergency conditions. BURULAŞ hikes are already twice the expected inflation rate. The fact that this increase is made when the schools are opened is a clear indication that our students see the income. "Most of the citizens are already paying more money than many metropolitan cities because of the fact that it is not possible to reach a place with a single vehicle."


Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) determined that inflation levels 7 percent BURULAŞ General Manager Fidansoy indicating that understand that they made a raise based on which entries increase this time BBP Provincial Chairman Unsal, "Currently there are hikes of 10 percent done. Metro boarding was 1,60 lira to 1,75 lira. If it goes on like this, a 2012 percent increase since 19 is not understandable. Is there a second raise in 8 months? Thus, an additional contribution of approximately 750 thousand liras per month will be provided in the safe of BURULAŞ. This money will be out of the pocket of Bursa citizens. As we mentioned earlier, BURULAŞ calculates inflation in a different way. The citizen will react sharply to these unfair hikes. "We want to explain whether the inflation values ​​announced by TUIK are wrong or the cost calculations of the municipalities are wrong."


Municipalities in the hands of the citizen of the pocket stating that Unsal, hike the raise of their own wastes and deficits that they are going to cover the importance of what they are going. Minimum wage hike to civil servants will be given the time and the ratio set by the institutions of Turkey Statistical Institute which is certainly surprising, citizens stated that this money will definitely think of how Oder.

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