Bursa City Council: Tree massacre in Uludag

Bursa City Council: There is no massacre in Uludağ: Bursa City Council Bursa Working Group evaluated the developments in the construction of the Uludağ cable car. In some places on the line for cleaning the cable car was cleaned, but it can not be considered as a tree massacre.

According to the statement made by the Bursa Working Group, the news and the statements made in the media led to misunderstandings, and the conclusion of the tree massacre in Uludağ was concluded. Bursa City Council Scholarship Working Group was said in the statement made by "for the needs of the community in Uludag, in the public interest, Bursa, in Turkey, tourism, economy, nature, useful work is refreshing existing cable car line. We know that the path to Uludağ has caused serious problems due to the narrow path and we wish to expand this road for years. If the extension of Uludağ road is made, then tens of thousands of trees will have to be cut. The renewal of the existing ropeway line in Uludağ and the extension of the Uludağ road, which would have to be cut by tens of thousands of trees with the extension to the Hotel Zone, will be removed from the agenda. With the renovation of the cable car, the trees are cleaned and the corridor is opened in some places under the cable car line. The same is done for fire paths. It is not in the public interest to try to stop the construction of the Uludağ cable car. preventing the construction of the cable car, stopping in Bursa, in Turkey, the economy, an approach is detrimental to tourism.

 Source : www.mersinim.net

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