Bursa metropolitan rail criticism

Bursa metropolitan rail criticism: In the center of the city, rails were laid. Roads and junctions have been reformed. The first tram vehicle is also being launched for test drives these days.
The project, the first agenda came to criticize the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO), the new press conference yesterday again met with the Metropolitan Municipality.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's program in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality is trying to attach the introduction of domestic wagon…
IMO; a critical situation report on the project, Erdogan had recently communicated with a communication that is important.
In addition to the issues in administrative decision and execution process, Erdoğan is not required to be in the environment and photography on the grounds that the infrastructure layout is not completed and the test flights may be objectionable.
Yesterday at the press conference, the administrative and technical details of the objections were cited. The scientific, legal, administrative, technical and financial aspects, and the legitimacy and accuracy of the project were kept on the agenda.
In the statement of Necati Sahin, Chairman of IMO Bursa Branch, it was said that TX T1 Tram Line process was initiated before the completion of Transportation Master Plan and it was totally contrary to technical, scientific and planning rankings..
It is stated that the expression “Silkworm kullanıl is used for the name of the vehicle without knowing who the tram vehicle will be taken from. And for this reason, gölge the tender has been overshadowed ”.
Noting that the main opposition CHP could not even carry the metropolitan council, Şahin said that the local government in action was acting with the understanding that “I did it. Oldu
The New Transportation Master Plan has not yet been formalized. He stressed that the tram was attached to a specialized firm called Brenner.
Among the important details that the tram line, which is intended to be put into service, will also make open voyages for 6 wagons and one-way reasons. For these reasons, it was emphasized that it would work well below the daily passenger density and there would be problems.
He also spoke with numerical data.
Ataturk Street, around the daily 600 minibus, 250 buses and 3 thousand 300 has a density of special vehicles, the rail system is still working with 28% capacity said. It was also mentioned that the tram could only have a share of 8 in public transportation.
Şahin will define the tram project as an imposition on the city and the public, and will hold a press conference for the BursaRay Kestel Line in the coming days. In this new statement, it was learned that important cost-based determinations, information and criticisms will take place.
Sahin, who expressed a positive opinion on the public transport services by sea and airways of the Metropolitan Municipality, stressed that they have critical thinking in the rail system for the truth of Bursa and its people.
By the way…
AK Party Provincial Presidency officially announced yesterday in the program, the rail system was not involved in any promotion or ceremony. In this case, it is said that the IMO's communication with Ankara is effective.

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