None of them are in Urfa

None of them in Urfa: Sanliurfa, zoo, tower, large-scale cultural center, the city of prophets, the monument, subway, tram, train between districts, large promenade areas are notable. Although there are dried natural river beds such as Karakoyun and Cavsak in Şanlıurfa, which is one of the biggest dams of the world, it is considered as negligence. One of the most responding issues in Urfa is the lack of urban transformation. Local elections are coming. Citizen wants to nominate the project.

Sanliurfa is among the most eminent city in Turkey. The most fertile agricultural land in the world is located in this province. 10 is located in Şanlıurfa. Şanlıurfa, which is rich in raw material, does not see the necessary investment and interest. Şanlıurfa, which is quite rich in terms of agriculture, tourism, history, art, industry and politics, cannot make the expected jump because it has not received enough support.

Sanliurfa, which will formally hang up the metropolitan signpost, has many shortcomings. The city does not have a tower, a zoo, a large cultural center, a monument to the city of prophets, metro, tram, train and large-scale picnic areas.

Şanlıurfa, which has many shortcomings, cannot benefit from the opportunities it has. Urban transformation is not started in Şanlıurfa, which cannot direct the waters of the Atatürk Dam flowing next to it into the city. Since the urban transformation was not started, the housing prices reached the 1 million lira limit. Someone's making exorbitant amounts of money for this job. kazanIt is alleged that.

Sanliurfa, which has many deficiencies, entered the election period and these needs were frequently mentioned in promises but not after the elections.

On the other hand; the neighborhood residents complain of another absence. Every local election period, "We will give you your deed" lies fooled in the citizens of the local elections, the candidates "No Deeds or Vote also" is preparing to draw the slogan.

Sanliurfa, which is trying to exist with the gaps, is expected to show some improvement with the big-scale financial support along with the metropolitan process.


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