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Bolat increased the impact of floods on the rail system claim: CHP Samsun Atakum District President Ali Akbar Bolat, light rail system divided the district of Atakum, stating that the impact of the floods in the district of the railway system further enlarged.

Bolat “The company that built the rail system should revise its project and repair the failing aspects.” said.

CHP Samsun Atakum District President Ali Ekber Bolat claimed Atakum Mayor Metin Burma, who was targeted by the politicians after the flood disaster in the district of Atakum. Bolat said that he knew that he was saying, “Something is being done in Atakum district, but the things are shown only. In Atakum district, twice the amount of precipitation fell in the Canik district in the last year, and it was revealed that the measures said to be taken were insufficient. DSI and Metropolitan Municipality have remained in the class in this flood disaster. ” he spoke.

Mayor Bolat said that the Samsun light rail system divides the Atakum district into two, “My personal opinion is to make a mistake in the rail system that divides Samsun in two. Because the rail system passing through Atakum has started to change the flow direction of groundwater by dividing the district into two. For this reason, the lower altitudes of the district began to be flooded in rains occurring in Atakum. In addition, water discharge costs built into the rail system are insufficient. The system stops at every rain and does not work for hours. The company that built the rail system should revise the project again and repair its failing aspects. ” He spoke in the form.

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