The cable car project belongs to the elementary school student

The Bosphorus cable car project belongs to the primary school student: The high school student living in Bursa was delighted to learn that the construction of the "Bosphorus crossing project of the Bosphorus by the cable car project", which he dreamed and modeled 6 years ago when he was in primary school, and sent it to the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş. The student now dreams of attending the ceremony to be held on the day the line, which is planned to be established between Etiler and Çamlıca, is opened.

Bozüyük Science High School student Bekir Kurt explained that a project competition was organized in 4 when he was going to 2007th grade in İnegöl Trade and Industry Primary School and he participated in the event by participating in the event. Expressing that he created for the city, Kurt continued as follows:

“I asked if I had a computer?“

“We prepared the project with my family. We made a model. My teacher Hatice Kılıç and my manager Hüseyin Avni Okumuş did not support their support. I wrote a letter with their help and we sent the photographs of the model and the project document to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. They did not respond to themselves right. Two days later, they returned to us. Someone called me. Mayor Kadir Topbas called. He asked me if I had a computer. He explained that he was considering the feasibility of the project and thanked him.

M I was amazed when my name was read ”

Kurt, after the phone call at his school a ceremony unannounced unannounced said. Expressed that he was surprised when his name was read at the ceremony and he received a letter of thanks from the laptop that was sent by Topbaş, Kurt said in the letter, mi Dear Bekir. The idea of ​​the cable car that you proposed for your love and the throat crossing to Istanbul touched me. I wish you outstanding success in your lessons, orum he said.


Kurt said he was very happy when his friends, who had read newspaper news a few days ago, said that they were preparing a project for the cable car to cross the Bosphorus, and he added: ik In this project, my mother, father, old teacher and the school director have great efforts. After hearing that the ropeway project will be done, I thought, 'Maybe they call us to the ground-breaking program, they call us to the opening.' I would like to thank Mr. Kadir Topbaş. They're realizing my biggest dream. He sent the biggest computer of the time. Now, I would be very pleased if he invited me to the opening of the ropeway project, which was a great dream again. Memnun Kurt added that he planned the project to solve the traffic in Istanbul.

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