Unique nature experience with Tahtali Cable Car | Cable Car Mounted Mountain (Video)

The cable car tahtali mountain | Tahtali Aerial Cableway with unique doğakeyf of: tourism, adding a new potential for tourism that Turkey has further enrich an infidel gained: The world's second longest, Europe's longest cable car, the Mediterranean and Tahtalı in 2'365 meter height ' the summit. This splendid mountain covered with snow is growing rapidly and is a favorite of tourism. The technology and engineering marvel of Tahtalı Teleferik, which should be seen by all those who come to Antalya for business or tourism purposes, will be an ideal and unforgettable choice for daily visits.

The snow covers the summit of Tahtali almost like a hat from December to the end of April and creates a magnificent view. The region's climate is favorable for almost all year round tourism with its mild and warm weather, crystal clear blue sea, surrounding ancient cities and the ideal mountain air over the 2000 m.

Located on one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, where safety and security are above everything, Tahtali cable car and wild forest and unique cedar trees, over the clouds over the clouds, steep slopes, valleys and wild animals to visit the summit by visiting the summit, unforgettable moments. You can learn more from.

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