Why the Başkentray project did not happen

Why the Başkentray project did not take place: TCDD also decided to continue from the place where it had left the Ankara suburban suburban flights that had been suspended for three years if it had given up on the Başkentray project.
Good luck to our city. So what happened in these three years, when the trains stop the capital, the project will stop the 8-10 month, the opening of schools, we will raise, nothing changed. We continue our journey from the place where we stayed with the ruined dumped upper overpasses, which were transformed into open air ablutions with the remnants of the old cowboy movies. Our cities are interconnected by high-speed train networks, which unite under the two continents of the sea in Istanbul.
Let's see if the Ministry of Transport, Ankara's transportation problems when and how permanent and fast solution we can not see we can at least at least new generation of modern transportation systems will see hope.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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