President Nevzat Paladan Cable Gospel (Video)

President Nevzat Paladan Ropeway Gospel: Aksaray Municipality, which will benefit from the citizens of many important projects, the Municipality is preparing to sign another first.

Aksaray Mayor Nevzat Palta 's order with the direction of Kılıçaslan Park and Kılıçaslan high-speed cable car is being made between. Aiming to bring a new nostalgia to the citizens of Aksaray, Nevzat Palta gave the good news that he will make a ropeway to Aksaray in a TV program.

President Nevzat Palta stated that the cable car was taken to the tender and said in his statement Başkan There is in our project on the cable car. The cable car is a bit expensive. We did the work on this. They took the price from one of the two overseas companies and the figures were very high. We took it to the evaluation last year and this year again brought to the agenda. Domestic companies have received the price in the sense of the idea from them. We just got out. And we looked at the approximate cost of a figure that we saw in accordance with our budget and I gave instructions. Our friends are now in the tender. Hopefully, the tender must be attended. Height 500 to 600 around the meter, a center from the Kılıçaslan park to be built from there to the terrace with a nice cable car, people will come and go nostalgia they will live. Hopefully, I think this will give our city a different air. These are nice services for cities. The cities are not only the needs of the people in the classical sense, but the people, yes, I live in this city, and there must be spaces, places that I can say that I am happy, we need to create them. In that sense, I care about the lift. If the process goes this year, if Allah blessed, we will have implemented the ropeway.

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