On the scene of the train crash 1 dead, 2 injured

Train crash 1 dead, 2 injured: mother and her children trying to cross the railway bridge hit the train.

The mother and her children who were trying to cross the railway bridge with their two children in Aydın's Germencik district were hit by a train. The 4-month-old baby died in the mother's arms, and the mother and other daughter were injured.

The accident occurred at around 18.00:30 on the railway bridge on the Germencik central Provincial Stream. The passenger train that made the Nazilli-Söke expedition hit Şükriye Duru (5), who was trying to cross the railway bridge, and Edanur (4), who was next to him, and Ecrin Duru, a 4-month-old baby. With the impact of the impact, XNUMX-month-old Ecrin was squeezed between the iron railings of the railway bridge and died at the scene.

Şükriye Duru and her daughter Edanur Duru (5), who were injured in the accident, were taken to Aydın Atatürk State Hospital by ambulances. It was learned from the halves that the mother and the other daughter were not life-threatening. An investigation into the accident has been initiated.

Source : I haber.stargazete.co



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