ATSO August two regular train gospel

ATSO was held at the regular meeting of the two fast train gospel: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) was held in the assembly hall with the usual council meeting, ATSO management and the participation of members. For the first time in the meeting, an electronic questionnaire was held.

Budak criticized the statement of UKOME President Emin Pehlivan, who stated that the transportation problem of Antalya was solved by 70 percent in the Transportation Master Plan, “What has been solved in Antalya, which is very bad in accessibility in and out of the city, where 20-30 thousand vehicles are added every year. Our opinion on these issues should be taken. It should be discussed scientifically. Surveys should be conducted on this subject. Of course, it would be discussed in the parliament, but we had to get an opinion. Instead of making political material, solutions should be produced ”. Stating that Antalya's transportation problem will be alleviated by rail systems, Budak stated that they are organizing a signature campaign for the high-speed train. Budak said, “We collected 75 thousand signatures for the high speed train. When it is 100 thousand, we will present it to the government. Our campaign continues. During our meetings with Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım in Ankara, we returned with both good and bad news. The good news is that there will be two high speed trains to Antalya. One of them will be Manavgat-Alanya-Konya route and the other will be in the form of Burdur-Isparta-Afyon ”.
To the question about the shopping mall pollution in Antalya, Budak said, “We are not only the crying party, we are also putting forward our solutions. If we do well with the projects in the city center, the shopping malls will become fly catchers. We must follow the issue. Let's pay attention to these while deciding who to support in the upcoming local elections, ”he said.
An electronic survey was held for the first time at the August meeting. 102 councilors participated in the 'Goals and Priorities' survey and voted 13 questions. According to the results of the survey, agriculture, tourism, trade and industry integration ranked first with 27,5 percent, while EXPO was chosen in the second place. In the question about transportation, the high-speed train campaign received the priority of the members with a rate of 28,4 percent.

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