Can the project of the century compete with Russia?

Can the project of the century compete with Russia? Our geographical location in greK for transportation projects and modes of transportation, in case Turkey is not a country that has done its part so far. Currently, our situation has neither been able to go beyond a double headed bridge position, nor has it been able to add value to our country geopolitically with its transportation strategies. There are some exceptions to this. One of them is that we have become the main connection point with Turkish Airlines (THY) and a good success by using our advantages in geography. The other is the breakthroughs made by the Turkish State Railways. Investments made in order to provide the domestic with modern, developed rail system networks that will meet the needs of the age are undeniably important. However, what has been done to meet the needs of the logistics industry is unknown. There seems to be no such vision…
On the other hand, we need to move on to the second phase in combining the two sides of the Bosphorus or the two continents with the Marmaray Project as a rail system. It is necessary to work in order to abandon the gruesome words such as “the project of the century” and become an important breakthrough of the centuries. If today are thinking about the future of this project, planning, Turkey to China and Europe (East-West) and North and get past if we consider how we can connect the South railway lines. In general, since we do not make this calculation, we lose because we do not put forward with a little effort and thought that successful projects are beneficial for us, who are competitors and who are harmful to whom and envied.
Last week, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan examined the Marmaray Project on site and conducted a test drive. Prime Minister Erdogan also described Marmaray as "the project of centuries, not of the century", saying that we have realized the dream of 150 years. However, we have to imagine different things with this project. We do not stop with realizing and doing. While integrating business models, connections, continents and countries, we had to anticipate the obstacles we would face. For example, how far we were able to prepare the Van Lake barrier inside, Bulgaria in the west, Iran or Georgia in the east and the following countries for Marmaray.
When I did brain gymnastics on Marmaray several times with TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, the projects of the "Russian Railways" (RJD), which would be the rival of Marmaray, were constantly on his head. He exemplified the high and continuous increase in rail transport figures on the China-Russia-Europe line. Karaman was rightly looking at alternative projects. But I doubt how much this look resonates in other influential and authoritative segments. For example, are these in the dreams of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for the Turkic World and the Middle East? There are certainly projections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials for such projects that are somewhat grounded and do not navigate the imagination. But what is Marmaray in this? I wonder.
China has developed its own project with Russia, while important from the floor connecting with the European railways, still more serious obstacles in front of Turkey said on Europe-Asia rail corridor. Even after the end of the Marmaray railway network in Turkey is not completed. Also it completed even though Turkey's east and west of the neighboring countries must bring a stage of the railway integration. Because neighboring countries Turkey and Europe using the railway system in the railway system and compared their continued use in the state in the rail spacing, both different and some are very inadequate investment in infrastructure to speed.
For example, the most important step of the railway connection between Kazakhstan and Russia, which started last year, between China and Europe, was completed. Because Russia's China-Europe route has a more integrated system with the Russians. No problems such as Turkey line. When a country like Russia believes in the seriousness of the incident and invests in its strategy, things are automatically resolved. Millet per Turkey ...

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