Antalya metrobus project to be voted on

The Antalya metrobus project will be voted on in the city council: According to the 'Urban Transport Master Plan' prepared by the ANTALYA Metropolitan Municipality and decided to be discussed in the assembly in August, the busiest traffic in the city occurs at the Samanyolu Crossroad. At the beginning of the corridors, where the demand for travel was concentrated in 2030, the metrobus was pointed out as a solution in the plan, where the future of the 100th Year Boulevard was specified.

The report, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has been working on for about 3 years, will be discussed at the Metropolitan Assembly, which will meet on Tuesday, 13 August, and will be voted on at the point of its acceptance. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın wrote in the preface of the Transportation Master Plan that the plan was one of the important works he promised to carry out on the day he was a candidate for the Metropolitan Municipality administration.

Mayor Akaydın has defined the plan as the most important legal document that defines how Antalya should improve the transportation system in the next 15-20 years, principles, policies and projects related to transportation. Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan consists of 5 separate reports. The first report, titled City and Transportation System, contains information on the current urban structure and transportation system.

The second report lists the new information obtained in the preparation process of the report under the heading 'Transport Relations and Features'. The third report titled 'Estimates, Problems and Solution Options' includes the establishment of a transportation demand forecast model and an alternative discussion on it. In the 4th report prepared under the title of 'Plan Decision and Implementation Suggestions', short, medium and long term transportation infrastructure and operational decisions, implementation stages and measures, required financing levels and resources for the implementation of the plan, institutional and administrative measures are explained.

The 5th report of the Urban Transport Master Plan is in summary form. In the preparation process of the plan, 2011 thousand 8 residential transportation surveys in 820, traffic counting at 108 points in two separate periods, speed surveys at 288 kilometers in all the main corridors in the city, 16 pedestrian surveys in 810 different areas and 18 people in 813 parking lots were surveyed.

Detailed data in the report where the largest part of Antalya different as day made the vehicle travels from many cities in Turkey, 17.00 - 18.00 hours it was stated that occur between. While the trips made in this time zone had a share of 10.2 percent in total, it was detailed in the report that the second peak took place between 08.00 - 09.00 time zone during the day.

According to the plan, the busiest spots in Antalya traffic were determined as the intersection of Samanyolu Crossroad and Evliya Çelebi Avenue and Adnan Menderes Boulevard, which are described as the intersection of Turgut Reis Boulevard and 100th Anniversary Boulevard. It was underlined that these points are important points entering the city center, and it was emphasized that the route of Samanyolu Junction is the most frequently used route by public transport lines.

  1. In the report, which is stated to be preferred due to the traffic accelerated by underpasses, Yıl Boulevard concludes that “The underpasses located in the corridor of the 100th Year Boulevard, which plays an important role in the backbone of the Antalya transportation system, increase the city traffic volume because it is on the main artery in the city center”. In the plan, it was also stated that due to the current situation of the 100th Year Boulevard, the attraction point in Antalya prevents the shifting point from the center.

In the main plan, where the average occupancy rate in private cars in Antalya is 1.6 people, and in taxi journeys where the drivers are not counted, the occupancy is set as 0.6 due to the passing vehicles, and in the light of these data, the expression of "2030th Year Boulevard will come at the beginning of the corridors where the demand for travel is concentrated".

Alternative solutions were also listed in the plan, where the traffic demand of the 100th Year Boulevard, where traffic will emerge as the biggest problem in the future of Antalya, reaches 9 thousand people every hour. Accordingly, it was proposed to arrange the metrobus lines or sections in the 100th Year corridor to be used by buses that cross this corridor. The characteristics of the metrobus line are listed as follows in the main plan, in which such an arrangement is regulated to standards that will enable the transition to the rail system in the future, if necessary:

"one hundred. Yıl Bulvarı will be planned as a semi-open metrobus line section that some of the public transport vehicles can use. The metrobus to be built on the 100th Year Boulevard will only be able to use 100 meters of standard and articulated vehicles and lines that cross this corridor. Buses that use the corridor partially will use the lanes reserved for general traffic.

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