Antalya-Alanya high-speed train project

Antalya-Alanya high speed train project: I support the sea transportation proposal of Saadet Party District President Sinan Aktaş. In the past months, Antalya-Alanya high-speed train project was brought to the agenda at the Alanya City Council meeting. In my article published on March 11, 2013, I emphasized that it would be very good to have sea taxi services until the high speed train project was implemented. In that article, I included the following statements:
I was talking about the high speed train project in the local news recently, I like it very much. But why does it start from industry, not from Alantur bridge? I feel sorry for him, but he definitely has a reason. Road condition maybe. Even though the train from Alanya to Antalya is a coastal road, it would be great to go from here to Antalya by watching that beautiful sea, accompanied by that beautiful view. Side on the coastline, ancient civilizations, houses, gardens, nature, that heartwarming landscape. Everybody will be fascinated by this view. In fact, it would have been a new and different means of transportation if we went to Antalya by sea bus until the train was built from the sea to Cyprus. What a beautiful, blue cruise. Day trips, for example from here to Anamur. Many local and foreign people will want to make this journey. Traffic is very heavy. It is getting more and more concentrated due to the increasing migration. I hope these projects come to life.
After months, Alanya Municipality has implemented a miniature city train. At a time not far away, there will be a high-speed train between Antalya and Alanya, and it should be. Because Alanya made moves on everything. He's moving forward and he deserves it.
I've written it before. Make an artificial lake, fish to tourists. When I was fishing, they always came to me. I would have given them my bears and hunted. I'd go with two or three pieces of pike. This interest made them happy and happy. Maybe eighty percent curious. In our abundant grounded villages, a mini village can be built. Pour plenty of fish into it. Take a coin that doesn't bother you. Catch yourself, cook, eat. Have a picnic. How are the highlands? Let's get tours here. One day, it'il be all. Alanya will be in the province. The dervish of patience is devout. Better late than never. Let's say, I hope. And remember, not in the morning without the night, the day behind the mountains.

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