When to open the Ankara Istanbul high-speed train line

When the Ankara Istanbul high-speed train line will open: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that the trains are working perfectly and fully during the Ramadan Feast and said, “Railway investments will continue to increase. "We will have the real holiday on October 29 with the opening of Marmaray and Ankara-Istanbul YHT lines."

When the only means of transportation of the train at the time of the train went to the silence reminiscent of the train, said, er Then each meeting was a festive mood. As of 2003, we have taken the railways as a priority with all modes of transportation. Thank God we are today the eighth in the world on the high-speed train, sixth in Europe. Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train and Marmaray's hand are in the ears. Ankara

As the high-speed train lines demographic ongoing construction of lightning striking corresponds to half of Turkey's, "The real feast, Marmaray and Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train will do the opening on October 29," he said.

  • ”HRCs carried 11 million 500 thousand passengers to date ler

Since the opening of the high-speed trains in the 11 500 60 about a thousand passengers have been told about the Lightning, X 660 thousand passengers during the festival. During the feast day, the XNUMX train carried our citizens safely Bayram.

"The passengers of the railways feasted during the Ramadan Feast," said Yildirim, no need to bleed the nose of the regional train, both suburbs as well as mainline trains as well as high-speed trains serve as planned with additional flights, he said.

Yıldırım also noted that citizens who prefer the train also noted that the Lightning, "There was no hitch. The trains were overfilled, the rail transport and the general transportation trend at the holiday showed us how accurate we were to invest in railways. After that, we will continue to give the necessary weight and importance to the railroads in both ongoing projects and new projects. Bundan

Lightning, with corresponding 15 city's YHT half of Turkey's population will be connected to each other over the next few years, he added.

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