Ankara Rail Station is Coming Narrowly to the News TCDD Authorities

Statement from the TCDD officials on the report “Ankara Station is coming to the disabled for the disabled”: TCDD officials made a statement after the issues of the disabled people reaching the Ankara Station with the heading “Gar is coming to the disabled.

"The problem is not in the outside," he said, using the citizens of the disabled citizens in the Gar anywhere without any difficulty expressed that they can reach where they wanted. TCDD officials noted that the sensitive yellow surfaces for the visually impaired were purchased and that the tender for the labor would be placed in Gar as soon as possible and that the problems at the Tandoğan entrance and the Hipodrom Street were caused by the Metropolitan Municipality and added:


. From the moment we take our disabled citizens to the train, we count on us as entrusted. We're not leaving until he stops. We have 1 staff who are constantly looking at our disabled passengers in the Handicapped Help Call Center located in our station. There are also stairs and elevators in the whole of Ankara Station. We certainly do not leave it in a defective and unused condition. Our biggest goal is that people do not face instant grievances.


Passengers who received tickets from the TCDD Disabled Passenger Support Service after reaching the system, stating that they have reached all their information. According to him, let us know all our units and get the best service. In this respect, TCDD is one step ahead in service to people with disabilities Bu.

Günceleme: 23/03/2019 11:54

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