Ankara Station comes narrow to the disabled

The Ankara Railway Station is narrow for the disabled: the historical Ankara Railway Station, which has become more attractive with YHT flights, did not make a single face for the disabled. Visually impaired people who want to reach the TCDD, yellow ribbons at the end of the ends of the remaining. The disabled people are struggling to overcome both the parked vehicles and the pavement in order to reach the disabled ramps.

The historical Ankara Garage became more attractive for the citizens with the launch of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights. However, people with disabilities, who want to take the train to the historical Ankara Garage, face many challenges.
The visually impaired people who come from Kazım Karabekir Street and return to Hipodrom Street and want to reach TCDD, are left in the middle with the yellow strips. In order to reach the disabled ramps, the disabled citizens try to pass the vehicle traffic and then the sidewalk.


After having taken the subway from Ankara Metro, which has two entrances, Tandoğan also meets a disabled escalator with a disabled person who wants to reach the Grand Bazaar. The bazaar, where citizens, who are not visually impaired due to lack of care, are reluctant to use, is also the subject of complaints by tradesmen for years. Tandoğan Bazaar Management President İsmail Ceki said, vatandaş We help our disabled citizens, who are going to pass through the bazaar and somehow exceed the stairs, until TCDD entrance. Otherwise they have no chance to go. Yoksa


Two problems come from Kazım Karabekir Street and return to Hipodrom Street and the disabled people who want to reach TCDD. Yellow strips for the visually impaired first stop on the Hippodrome Street. It is more difficult to reach the ramp at the entrance of the garage for walking disabled people. Disabled citizens before entering the three-lane road means of entry and then to get out of the sidewalk to ask someone to help.


Ankara Arena Sports Hall, Youth Park, Ataturk Culture Center, Ankara Presidency Symphony Orchestra, such as the center of many organizations close to the historical Ankara Station in front of the yellow strips were detached, put into the garden. Sensitive yellow surfaces that can be felt that citizens are very important, "yellow strips made to facilitate the lives of people should not be left in this way," he reacted.

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