Anadolu University focuses on 4 area

Anadolu University focuses on 4: Rector of Anadolu University (AU) Dr. Davut Aydin, as a university 4 focused on the area, they are open education, aeronautics and space sciences, rail systems and special trainings by rail, he said.

Rector Dr. Aydin, universities, education, research and community service functions told. The first generation of universities is not only the education, the second generation of universities that do research in addition to education, the function of the service of the third-generation universities, indicating that the function. Dr. Aydin, ey We are a third-generation university as Anadolu University. Our priority is service to society. You have to do research while serving the community. While doing research, education and training comes along. We also live in the world, a global competition, while continuing these activities. Resources are decreasing in the global world. Very severe universities are diversifying. Foundation universities, public universities, corporate universities, research centers. You cannot do every job in such a process, you need to focus. You have to do what you're good at, N he said.


In the 100 year of the Republic of Anatolia as the University will do their own planes and helicopters. Dr Davut Aydın de The first one is open education, the second is aviation and space science, the third is rail systems and railway, and the fourth is special training. It is not enough to be the focus area, you need to project them. We have projected two of these 4 fields, aviation and rail systems. We have also put it into investment programs and we are now working with 2 Eylül Campus from Eskişehir on the 100 year of the Republic in order to make our own aircraft and helicopters. We are performing an aviation excellence center. This center will be the signature of the plane and helicopter that will fly in the 100 year of the Republic. TAI and TEI is one of the trendy area of ​​Turkey you know about aviation. We continue to work with these contributions. The center of excellence means being the only national authority. Anadolu University, as well as two aviation center of excellence in rail systems are only authorized UNIVERSITIES but we are working with all sectors in Turkey, "he said.


Professor Dr. He stated that they have established a railroad test center in Alpu, Aydın and they have sent 18 to Czech Republic for this study.

Iz God willing, we will be grounded in October. all high-speed trains manufactured in Turkey, tram, metro, all of the tests taken as a conventional vehicle towing trains will be carried out in our center. This test center can be tested up to 400 speed. There is not yet in the world, this is the largest center of geography. We are running a very big project for this. The cost of the project is 240 trillion pounds and we do it entirely from university sources. The investment process is in progress. Hopefully 3 will open together after years. In Turkey in the coming year period 10 10 thousand-kilometer high-speed railway, 5 15 thousand kilometers a thousand kilometers of railway investment, including the improvement of conventional lines. Turkey is unfortunately in the past year 1950 the highway to abandon the railroad, the number of trained manpower today to really change our strategy is very limited. For him, one of the major tasks of this center is to train the qualified manpower needed by Turkey. We are now sending the 18 person to a doctorate in the Czech Republic as of this month. When they return you can get the world's largest technology. In this context, we have established a school of transport to train intermediate staff, we have not established a school of transport, but we have been considering taking students here when the teachers return from abroad. Because in this changing world conditions, rail is a very important factor in competition. The railway is both safe and cost-efficient, and is accelerating. Today is a world trend, and all countries in the world are making very serious investments in this area. We also met in the fast train Eskişehir, Turkey, and now it's back, the Anadolu University as we fulfill manpower and technological structure. We are the leaders of this same open education.

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