Bomb attack alarm in Germany

Bomb attack on high-speed trains in Germany: Security forces have been alarmed on the grounds that Al-Qaeda is planning a bomb-attack on high-speed trains in Europe.

According to news in the German press, security units were put on alert because it was heard that Al-Qaeda would launch a bomb attack on high-speed trains. According to experts, Al-Qaeda terrorists could sabotage railways, as well as launch bomb attacks on high-speed railways, tunnels and trains.

It was reported that information about the bomb attack was received from the American intelligence agency NSA. NSA stated in his information that a few weeks ago, the top executives of Al-Qaeda listened to the phone calls, and the main issue in the speeches was their plans to attack trains in Europe.

The German newspaper 'Bild' has announced that German security officials who have been following these warnings have been taking a series of 'invisible additional measures' on high speed railways and train stations for 2 weeks. It was also noted that civilian officers from the Federal Police patrolled the stations as part of the measure.

American intelligence expert Edward Snowden's public announcement that the NSA has been collecting telecommunications information across the whole of Europe, especially Germany, caused great controversy in Germany.

According to information released to the world by Snowden, the NSA has recorded millions of e-mails and phone calls all over the world, and has recorded special information of European citizens.

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