Alanya needs air transport

Alanya transportation needs to be aired: Last week, Alanya-Antalya sea transportation for the development of the proposed ferry service SP President Aktas, this week has made a new proposal for transport in Alanya. Aktas, the 4,5 meter from the ground in the county to be set up work for the transportation network of havaray said, he said.

In Alanya, the city should be taken to relieve transportation, important steps should be taken in the future transportation Saadet Party (SP) Alanya District Chairman Sinan Aktas, the district experienced in the traffic problems by telling a proposal found. Aktaş stated that they have a suggestion to relieve the traffic. Or Havaray, which is now used in many cities around the world such as Sydney and Moscow, should be realized in Alanya. Furthermore, in cooperation with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, serious steps can be taken at the point of establishing this transportation network on the D400 Highway between Antalya and Alanya. Ayrıca

Aktaş stated that the system consists of modern-looking passenger railcars on the steel or concrete poles and at the same time on the installation of steel or concrete rails and lar It does not harm the existing afforestation in the installation of the system in any way and most importantly, it does not prevent the current traffic flow. Because this system works at 4,5 meter height.

In our country, we have not implemented a city, but Istanbul and Ankara consider this system seriously and work on it. On the other hand, METU has serious studies on this subject. In fact, a prototype of this system was made and applied in the garden of the university and is working. Hatta


Aktaş emphasized that the power should work to ensure the establishment of this transportation network in all the municipalities in the country by providing all kinds of support to the engineers doing this study at METU. Bel Havaray transportation network is more economical and faster and convenient transportation than metro and other transportation vehicles around the world. system. It is a must to ease and facilitate the transportation of Alanya, which is an important tourism center in the world, with much more modern and technological transportation systems towards the future. If we win the local elections as the SP Organization, we will do all the necessary work to bring this system to Alanya. Yerel

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