Passenger Information System about Aksaray metro

Passenger Information System about Aksaray metro: Passenger Information System (MIS) was commissioned within the scope of modernization of Aksaray metro line.

According to the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 1 YBS were installed on platforms within the scope of the modernization works of the M46 Aksaray metro line, which is managed by one of the municipal affiliates, Istanbul Transportation Inc.
YBSs will provide train services and information about the company in real time to passengers waiting at stations and platforms.

Being the first metro of Istanbul, the 25-year M1 Metro line serves more than 1 thousand passengers a day at 1 stations between the M22A Aksaray-Airport and the recently opened M250B Bus Station-Kirazlı extension lines.

22 station, 46 MIS display

The works first started in 2012 Bus Station in January selected pilot zone.

After the pilot study, the teams connected to Istanbul Transportation, which started the infrastructure preparation for the installation of a total of 1 YBS screens, one screen per road, at 22 stations on the M46A Aksaray-Airport line, works such as the mounting feet, production and welding of the project, screen assembly, communication and energy wiring. He managed to complete it in as short as 30 working days.

The teams, which carried out their work after the end of the operation in order not to affect the passengers and the operation and in accordance with the safety-security measures, worked with an 8-hour night shift system. Thanks to this system, uncertainties such as which train will arrive in a few minutes and where to go will be prevented.

M1 Line modernization work

With the incorporation of the Yenikapı station, which will provide integration with Marmaray, on the M1 line, modernization works on the M23 line, where a total of 48 MIS screens will operate, at 15 stations at the platform level and 63 at the box office floors. In this context, renewal and commissioning works of infrastructure systems such as Machinist Information and in-vehicle passenger information systems (flowing announcements written in digital screens), Station Announcement System and CCTV (security cameras) systems in 1 years of ABB vehicles, and bodywork equipment such as shear and rail replacement. Continues by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams.

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