Akbil app gives citizens the victim

Akbil application makes the citizen victimized: In Istanbul, the fact that money is removed in public transportation vehicles and the replacement of Akbil brought some problems with it. With this application, which makes the use of Akbil mandatory, citizens without Akbil have to pay 50 percent more.

Istanbul Electric Tunnel and Tramway Enterprises, which want to expand the use of Smart Tickets, has recently made it mandatory to use Akbil or tokens on all public transportation vehicles. Although this application seems to be a good practice, it has brought some problems with it in the future.

He pays over 50 percent without Akbil

This method put into practice by the Istanbul Electric Tunnel and Tramway Operations especially victims citizens coming from outside of Istanbul. There is an exorbitant 50 percent difference between the amount paid by citizens using Akbil to public transport and the fee paid by citizens without Akbil.

For those from outside Istanbul, transportation is more expensive

Citizens using Akbil pay 2 TL when they use metro and tram, while those without Akbil have to pay 3 TL. Because citizens without Akbil have to buy coins and the coin fee is 3 TL.

To earn some more money, IETT said, “Birgeç, Ikigeç, Üçgeç etc. also created disposable electronic cards. But these cards are almost 1 TL more expensive than normal transportation fees.

Source: I www.haberyurdum.co



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