Uzungöle Ropeway

Uzungöl Cable Car is Made: A cable car will be built in Trabzon's Uzungöl Town, so that the visitors can see the natural beauties from the hills by making heliski and other ski types.
Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık, accompanied by the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Dursun Ertuğrul, Provincial Director of Environment and Forest Fahrettin Ulu and Uzungol Municipality Mayor Abdullah Aygun and the Municipality of Uzungol Garester Plateau, in the region to prevent the avalanche wind screen and avalanche prevention cages examined.
Receiving information from Fahrettin Ulu about wind curtains and avalanche prevention cages, Kızılcık said in a statement that they are doing serious work to make Uzungöl more active not only in terms of summer tourism but also in terms of winter tourism.
In the town, which was built between very steep mountains, Cranberry stated that they have installed wind protection cages of nearly 4 thousand meters and over a thousand meters on the hills suitable against the avalanche risk, and that those who want to ski in snowy periods are planning to take them to the hills in the upper parts of Uzungöl.
Stating that they are planning to set up a cable car in Uzungöl for the further development of tourism in the region, Kızılcık said:
“We invite all Trabzon residents and all tourists from Turkey and abroad to come here both in summer and winter and do sports. The company applied for the ropeway and received its encouragement. They aim to start the construction of the cable car in the autumn of next year and to complete it in the first period of 2012, in 8 months. Thanks to the cable car, tourists who will visit Uzungöl will have the opportunity to see the natural beauties better by climbing the highlands in summer, and ski in the plateaus and hills in winter.
This region is also extremely popular for Heliski. We are waiting for the snow. We have a lot of tourists coming to Rize and Uzungöl town of Trabzon especially from France for helix and other ski types, so the ropeway will contribute to the further revival and development of tourism in the region.
Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık stated that an information office has been established for the tourists coming to Uzungöl and that the Provincial Tourism Directorate will prepare informative booklets on which directions and which plateaus tourists can go to.
Governor Recep Kızılcık stated that they gave in-service training courses to the employees at the workplaces in Uzungöl at the beginning of the season, thus providing a significant improvement in service quality compared to last year.
In order to prepare better for the upcoming tourism season and the 2011 European Youth Olympic Games to be held in Trabzon, Governor Kızılcık said that the tradesmen in Uzungöl were given in-service training through the Ministry of Tourism and İŞKUR again this year, and English and Arabic language courses in the region for tourists to receive better service. also noted that they opened.
Cranberry explained that most of the tradesmen in Uzungöl and at least one person from the local workplaces attend these courses in the evening.
The cable car to be built in Uzungöl to serve in helix and other ski types will provide transportation from the mosque in the town to Garester Plateau on a hill overlooking the lake.
Heliski, known as helicopter skiing, is a type of sport that allows skiers to drop off the hills with a helicopter and slide from there. The most important feature of Heliski, which can be made in limited regions of the world, is that it is done in mountainous areas with abundant snow, away from the ski center or ski track.
especially in the world Canada, Alaska, the Caucasus and the Himalayas Heliski specified where, for the first time in 2005 Kackar mountains began to be made in the rest of the borders of Rize in Turkey.
Heliski, which has become popular in recent years and is preferred by professional skiers, is considered one of the most exciting, adrenaline high and adventurous sports of nature.

Source: Zaman Newspaper