Turkey's first domestic silkworm Streetcar Driving Test Begins


Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm Test Drive Begins Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which will be used in counseling and Sculpture Garage T1 line produced Turkey's first indigenous tram 'Silkworm began driving tests. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they experienced the excitement of the test drive of the domestic tram fed with 750 volt energy given to the line for the first time and said that after the completion of the tests, passenger trips will be started in a short time.

2 is under the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality in a short period of time, although it is said that it cannot be done and is among the promises of the Mayor Recep Altepe. Durmazlar Turkey's first indigenous tram produced by the company was introduced to the silkworm test drive. The first prototype vehicle, which was built in order to purify the city center from vehicle noise, exhaust gas pollution and heavy vehicle traffic, and exhibited in Kent Square for nearly two months, was lifted in the evening. The tram, which will run on the line later in the night, was brought to Kent Square on the Truck.

After the ramp was set up to put the tram on the rails, the 'Silkworm' got on the rails among the curious gaze of the citizens. Later, when the line was energized for the first time, the tram was provided to take power from the line without any problems. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, just Bursa's local tram is not with the source of pride for Turkey to reduce the rails studies accompanying the Secretary General Seyfettin Avsar, Indigenous Tram Project Consultant Taha Aydin and Burulaş Director General followed with Levent Fidansoy.

First test drive

The first test drive was carried out after completion of the approximate 3,5 preparations. At the tram stops in front of Bursaray Osmangazi Station, while measuring the door and stall distances, the tramway, which performs its maneuverings smoothly, is on Darmstadt Street. The first test drive of the tram, which runs on the street for a while, ended up with vehicles parked on the rails. Expressing the excitement of the first test drive, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said, ş We have come to an end in the T1 tram line works that will breathe in-city transportation. There are test drives in line. The tram that was lowered on the rails was powered by 750 volts. All circuits were checked and we started the test drive. Tests will be carried out with loads and we will have started the journeys in a short time. Already get good Bursa '' he said.

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