Fındıklı: Our Expectations for Kastamonu Railway

Fındıklı: Our Expectations for Kastamonu Railway: 54 has finally reached Kastamonu Airport on 19 July 2013 after a year of longing. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially opened a wonderful ceremony. At the launch of the airport, Minister of Transport, Kastamonu now "wings" and "took off," he said. In fact, with the opening of the airport, Kastamonu was no longer wings Gerçekten land flight u and birlikte rise Gerçekten.

I attended the happy and magnificent airport opening ceremony in order to witness history. To my hometown, Mr. Prime Minister, who was my friend from high school. kazanI thanked them by meeting during the ceremony for such a valuable service they provided. I wish our airport to be beneficial and beneficial to our province, districts and the whole region. Kastamonu Airport will be able to provide services not only to our province, but also to our region and surrounding provinces, especially Karabük.

With the opening of the airport, the transportation problem will be facilitated, and Kastamonu's economy and tourism will contribute greatly. Airline means civilization, trust, blessing, speed and modernity. The most preferred route all over the world is the airline. The people of Kastamonu, who have been away from this blessing for years, finally got this blessing. A great reputation for his ways kazanHalil Rıfat Pasha, the Ottoman grand vizier, expressed the importance of roads for a country in a very meaningful way with the motto "the place you cannot reach is not yours".

Kastamonu Airport, Turkey's 50. It is the airport. However, Kastamonu Airport is not an ordinary airport but a fully equipped airport. As it is known, the airport and the airport are different things. The airport is open to international standards and international flights and has all kinds of technical equipment with clearance operations and health checks. The airport is the only airport that does not have the necessary equipment for international flights. airports. airports in Turkey still 14, 36 has airport. 3, which was commissioned in the Western Black Sea after Kastamonu Airport, Zonguldak and Sinop Airport. Airport. The airport, which is the only airport with the total size of the 3.740 square meter building, is expected to contribute greatly to the socio-economic development of our city. Turkish Airlines organizes flights between Istanbul and Kastamonu for four days a week. The occupancy rate is around 80. If this occupancy rate continues to increase, the number of four scheduled flights per day can be made every day. The end-of-year passenger destination is the 30.000 passenger.

On the other hand, mutual 51 intercity bus service to Kastamonu every day. It is expected that some of these bus passengers will prefer the airline.

Civilization has three basic pillars.

Transportation. Accessibility
Contact. Accessibility
Training: Training and trainability.

Human is a social entity. Human sociality is possible through the interaction and communication between individuals. Countries are considered as civilized and advanced countries where they can solve the transportation problem, provide communication facilities, provide access to public, communication and education services in a healthy and adequate way. Roads are the living vessels of a country. The development and civilization of a country that lacks these contemporary services cannot be mentioned. As a matter of fact, the first thing he asks when he talks to someone about a place, is the easiest and shortest way to get there, is there the airport and flights.

Air travel is a civilization, trust, blessing, speed and modernity, and air travel is both safer and time-consuming than land travel. For this reason, modern countries are now traveling by plane. However, the people of Kastamonu, who have been unable to benefit from this civil transport for years, have been able to attain such a possibility in the end.

In the past people used animals for transportation. As time progressed, animals were replaced by motor vehicles. With the invention of motor vehicles, journeys started with motor vehicles. Nowadays, although the animals continue to be used in rural areas, transportation is now carried out by means of motor vehicles.

Our people once walked from Kastamonu to Istanbul. Since 60 was not a regular highway from Kastamonu to Istanbul years ago, buses and makeshift roads could only be reached in two days. At that time there was no Cildikısık Tunnel between Karabük and Gerede. Kastamonu passengers who made a difficult journey to the train station near Eskipazar Ismet Pasha Train Station, to take the train passes to Karabük, with a bus from Karabük barely able to reach the car district and Kastamonu'ya.

On the other hand, since 60 did not have a highway between Ankara and Istanbul, passengers who wanted to go from Ankara to Istanbul had to use the sea road. For this purpose, they came to Istanbul from the port of İnebolu which is the closest location to the sea. Likewise, those who want to come from Istanbul to Ankara again via sea from Inebolu Kastamonuya from there to Ankara. Indeed, one of Turkey's famous businessman Vehbi Koç, in his book The Life Story penned their memoirs describe this situation for a long time. Vehbi Koç states that he came to İnebolu via horse from Kastamonu on his back to Ankara to get to Istanbul, he entrusted his horse to Istanbul, went to Istanbul by boat from İnebolu and returned to İnebolu after boarding in Istanbul. İneboludan on his horse ride and again come to Ankara, these arrival-and-goes, both the very troublesome and very long days that take it in his book named Life.

On the other hand, the winter months were very hard in Kastamonu, the roads were closed due to snow and ice and the passengers would be stuck on the roads for days.

However, as a result of technological innovations and developments in the field of urbanization, there have been revolutionary developments in transportation, asphalted roads, asphalted roads and double roads have been built, solid and luxury cars have been engaged, so that the cruising journey period is over, so that the journey time between Kastamonu and Istanbul, the airline has now reduced to an hour.

Getting to the airport for Kastamonu is an important development. However, the airway is very expensive in terms of human and freight transport. For this reason, the world, the most secure and inexpensive transportation vehicle has given heavy weight. Kastamonu's next priority is the railway. It's pretty simple and easy to do that. It is the extension of the railroad from Karabük to Kastamonu. The distance between Kastamonu and Karabük is very short. We hope that this will be realized, as soon as we reach the railway and the journey to the train.

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